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Entrepreneur Guidance

We know business because we’ve been in business, we have a dynamic team of finance professionals and entrepreneurs that are here to help you overcome the unique challenges and pressures that come along with running your own business.

Our Experience

Being qualified chartered accountants, that are involved in business, and being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of the finance function within your organisation.  We have taken our personal experiences in business, coupled that with our skills, knowledge and our desire to help business owners, and created a company that helps entrepreneurs build their business (whilst still taking care of their compliance needs).

“Not just accounting. Expertise that drives your business”

My Finance Partner was formed and exists to guide entrepreneurs and help drive business. Our founder has been involved in various private businesses since 2008, dealing and working closely with suppliers and customers in the businesses. It became apparent that many of them were being hindered by poor financial disciplines within their businesses and/or a lack of understanding of relevant rules and regulations.  It was clear that the common challenge faced by these entrepreneurs is that they need more from their accountants than the traditional compliance services of tax and financial statements. 

Entrepreneurs need on-going support, advice and practical solutions to deal with the on-going challenges that businesses face and that is what we set out to do.

How we can support you

Being chartered accountants, we offer the accounting services traditionally offered by the industry:


What sets My Finance Partner apart is that our company is ADVICE DRIVEN. We use our personal experience, qualifications, and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations to walk with, and guide, entrepreneurs along their journey.

Breakfast Events

As part of our commitment to ensuring that local entrepreneurs succeed, we host FREE breakfasts throughout the year presenting on various accounting and finance topics. The purpose of our events is to provide entrepreneurs with a broader knowledge base, upskilling and educating them on business basics to improve their chance of success.


Lastly, and most importantly, we know that business is a journey and our pricing options are designed to help entrepreneurs start this journey. We make sure the essentials are being taken care of and attended to, so that no surprises arise down the line.  Contact us to get your personalised quote.


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