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About Us

The founders of My Finance Partner started this company in 2013. Through our business dealings with numerous business owners over the years, we came to realise that many of them had successful businesses, but were being hindered by poor financial disciplines within their business.  As the founders of My Finance Partner started working with these business owners, it became clear that the common challenge faced by them was that they needed more from their accountants than the services that were being offered.  It was obvious that businesses required specific financial and entrepreneurial expertise to drive their business forward, but the level of skill, and related cost to insource this function, was prohibitive to most medium and small business owners.


This idea gave rise to the concept of My Finance Partner.

So What Do We Do?

Due to our qualifications as Chartered Accountants, we offer the services generally provided by accountants – bookkeeping, payroll, company secretarial work, taxation, SARS compliance and preparation of annual financial statements.  Being entrepreneurs is what sets us apart from most accountants. We understand that the accounting function extends way beyond the above services. We have taken our experiences in business, coupled that with our desire to help entrepreneurs, and built a company that offers entrepreneurs a broad spectrum of services, that they can use to build a solid financial base from which their business can trade and grow.

Why Do We Do It?

Quite simply, business is our passion and we love to get stuck in and involved in the entrepreneurial journey. Watching start-ups grow, mature businesses prosper, troubled businesses turn the corner and seeing business owners improve and develop is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Our Team

We are a unique, dynamic and passionate team of entrepreneurs and qualified accountants. Currently, our team consists of 18 people, which includes 3 CA (SA)s and our accounting/bookkeeping staff all have qualifications in their respective areas of responsibility. We are not a typical small accounting business reliant on 1 or 2 key staff members with little or no cover for them in the event of an illness/leave/workload pressures. We get the job done!


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