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4 ways to Value the people in your business

Companies need to see employees as resources that need to be valued. Let's look at four ways to do this:

Acknowledge that you need them and communicate.

Be consistent about your messaging and communications. Do your level best to mean what you say and follow through. Your actions have to mirror your words, or you will destroy trust. Typically, there will be specific information that will be confidential, like payroll details, for example. Still, for the most part, it is helpful to share the plans, changes, and events that impact the business with them.

Pay them fairly and allow them to partake in the business's success.

Ask your employees what they want to earn. When an employee feels valued, they add value to your business. Be patient through this process and listen carefully. For most employees, this will provide an opportunity to engage with them to stretch, grow, and develop.

Financial incentives are influential in the individual and the company's growth. Establish a principle around sharing in the success of the business. Financial incentives that are generous and specific can help drive and sustain accelerated performance improvement.

Have regular sessions to discuss planned vs. actual performance.

● Have regular engagements with staff.

● Make sure the expectations and timelines are well understood.

● Always ask employees to self-evaluate first.

● Performance gaps are very often due to communication deficiencies.

● Unblock obstacles

Be overprotective about the values of your business and the culture you have created.

Set the tone of engagement in your business to create a culture and an environment that you are proud of and resonate with your unique value set. This is of enormous importance to encourage and recognize traits and behaviors that reflect this. You can't allow any individual to upset that balance; everyone needs to know and understand that.

In Conclusion, view your employees as your most valuable resource, ensure that employees feel valued and that they trust your leadership. This symbiotic relationship is what ultimately makes a company successful.


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