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Personal Income Tax Returns

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

What do I need to submit my Tax return?

IRP5/IT3(a) certificate(s) from your employer

Medical certificates and documentation for any claims

Pension & retirement annuity certificates

Correct banking details

If you are permanently employed, most companies will pay monthly PAYE on your behalf.

Additional requirements, if applicable:

Travel logbook (if you receive a travel allowance)

IT3(b) Tax certificates of investment income

ITR-DD confirmation of diagnosis of disability

Information regarding capital gain transactions

Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) Agreement

Financial statements

Any documentation relating to income received or deductions being claimed

If I fall below the threshold, do I still need to submit a Tax return?

The threshold for submitting a Tax return currently sits at R500 000. If you earn below R500 000 annually, from a single employer, and do not have any deductions to claim for, then you do not have to file a tax return.

Allowable Deductions Include, among other things:

Travel allowances

Travel expenses

Medical aid contributions

Retirement annuity fund contributions

The only time you will have to submit a return (if you earn below the threshold) is if your income comes from more than one source. For example, if you have more than one employer, earn rental income or interest income.

When will I receive my refund from SARS?

Provided that you are in good standing with SARS and the verification of your return has been finalised, the refund can take up to 21 business days to be processed. Ensure that your banking details are correct and have been verified.


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